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Current Summer 2019

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Current Honours Students


Erin Hannah

Erin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward
Island. She is currently working on her Honours degree exploring music, improvisational singing
and the question of domain-specific creativity. In her free time, Erin enjoys singing and playing


Recent Honours Students

Stephanie Boisson 

Comparing creativity in songs and stories: Exploring domain generality in data from athletes, musicians, and non-musicians


Hailey Arsenault

Singing experience questionnaire of Busch & Gick (2012) in persons with alcohol addiction and persons belong to a community choir.


Eric da Silva

Singing in university athletes: Effect of training,  and serial position on the pitch of the tonic in a familiar melody


Kyle Dutton

Singing in university athletes: Effect of training and transposition on the pitch of the tonic in a familiar melody


Jingyuan Sun (2019)

The role of Mandarin and Cantonese tone language on singing: melodic structure and accuracy


Breea Maclean (2018)  now completing B. Ed. degree

Intergenerational aspects of memory for popular music

Honours thesis in psychology can be found at    https://islandscholar.ca/islandora/object/ir:22507.


Caleb Young  (2018) now in a Master's program in School Psychology,  Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax

Singing at Summer Camp: Developmental implications


Jessica McKellar  (2016) now in a Master's program in Counselling Psychology, Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax

Effects of age one recognition for popular music: Exploring three generations within the same family


Derek Hughes (2015) completed MSc. Audiology, Dalhousie University School of Human Communications Disorders

Singing and cochlear implants


Maggie  (Margarida Quadros) da Fonseca (2014)  Completed M. Sc.  Speech Pathology McGill University

Acquisition of phonemic strings:  A study of the critical period hypothesis


Kate Thompson (2014)  completed M. A. Psychology at University of Toronto with full SSHRC Scholarship; currently Ph.D. candidate at University of New Brunswick

Rhythm skills in younger and older adults


Marley MacInnis  (2013)  Completing M.Sc in Speech Pathology,  Dalhousie University, School of Human Communications Disorders

Singing as sport


Gillian MacDonald (2013)

Spontaneous facial expressions that accompany singing: Effects of song meaning, gender, and musical training


Rhaeling Henderson (2013)  Completed M Sc. Speech Pathology,  U of Alberta

Senior's active singing vs passive listening in a musical theatre situation : cognitive impact.



Denise Beaton (2012) Completed M.A. in gerontology , U of Victoria

Senior's active singing vs passive listening in a musical theatre situation: Impact on well-being



Michael LeBlanc  (2012)

AIRS Test Battery: Cross-sectional study  (only lit review credits completed)

Current:  Graduate study in Occupational Therapy, University of Western Ontario


Sisi Pan  (2012) Department of Psychology, M. Sc work (incomplete) Dalhousie University

AIRS Test Battery:  Role of culture, language and personality in university students from China and Canada

Current:  Graduate study in Psychology,  Dalhousie University


Erica Ross (2012)  completed M. Sc.  Speech Pathology, University of Toronto:  Currently  Speech Pathologist Province of PEI

AIRS Test Battery - Cross-sectional study of creativity


Moira Shaw  (2012)  completed M. Sc  Speech Pathology,  North Dakota, Minot State University

Infant imitation of pitch in infancy

Current: Graduate Study in Speech Pathology,  Minot State University, North Dakota


Leah Stevenson (2012) completed M. Sc Speech Language Pathology, Dalhousie University, Halifax. 

Effects of cultural background and music training on performance on the AIRS Short Battery of Tests of Singing and Language



Former Honours Students  (please see section on Lab Alumni)


Chris Blanchard (first honours student in the UPEI Lab,  1994 - became Canada Research Chair)