Invited Presentations

Cohen, A.J. (August, 2019) Tacit knowledge of music cognition: Smarter than you think.  In M. Gregerson & C. Wright (Symposium Organizers).  Neuroscience of Music Cognition and Music Therapy: Advances in Mind Body Medicine.  Annual Meeting of the American  Psychological Association.  Chicago, IL.

Cohen, A.J. (September  24, 2018).  Focus on singing and the musical lifecourse. Workshop on Mapping the Musical Lifecourse, organized by Andrea Creech, Laval University, Quebec City.

Cohen, A.J. (October 19, 2017).  The psychology of singing from the perspective of AIRS.  Department of Psychology Colloquium Series in conjunction with PEI SingFest week, and World Singing Day.

Cohen, A. J. (January 19, 2017).  The power of singing: Research on dementia.  6th Annual Conference of the Alzheimer Society of PEI

Cohen, A. J. (January, 12, 2017).  The AIRS Major Collaborative Research Initiative and the AIRS Test Battery of Singing Skills. Department of Music, University of South Florida, Tampa, USA.

Cohen, A. J.  (July 8, 2016). Does a great empirical music paper need to be published in a high-impact factor journal? In D. Shanahan & D. Mullensiefen (Organizers) Empirical musicology, 10 years on: New ways to publish and the empirical paradigm in music research. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, San Francisco, USA

Cohen, A.J. (July 9, 2016). Impact of Behaviorism on the history of Music Psychology. In J.K. Johnson and A. Graziano (Organizers).  Perspectives on the history of music cognition International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, San Francisco, USA.

Cohen, A. J.  (August 18, 2015). Singing and well-being. Symposium on Music and Well-Being. Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK.

Cohen, A. J. (April 2013). Music and Psychology - five 90-minute seminars: Estonia Academy Music & Drama, Tallin, Estonia.

Cohen, A. J.  (Nov. 8, 2013).  Singing and well-being. Health Promotion Workshop. Provincial Department of Health, Charlottetown

Cohen, A. J. (May 30, 2013) International panelist. Educating the creative mind. Union, New Jersey, USA.

Cohen, A.J.  (Apr. 22-26, 2013). 5 Guest lectures on the psychology of music. 1. Introduction and History 2. Tones 3. Intervals and Triads and Tonality 4. Film  music 5. Music development across the lifespan. Estonia Academy of Music and Theatre. Tallinn, Estonia

Cohen, A.J. (Apr. 21, 2013).  Introducing the AIRS Project on Singing. Estonian Musicology Society. Tartu, Estonia.

Cohen, A.J.  (Mar.  2013). The Congruence-Association Model and research in film music. Workshop on Film music.  University of Lund.  Lund, Sweden.

Cohen, A.J.  (Jan., 2013).  Psychology of Music and Aging.  Alzheimer's Society of PEI Symposium. Charlottetown, PEI.

Cohen, A.J. (June, 2012).  "Music Psychology in the 21st Century:  Teaching and Theory. Annual Meeting of the   Canadian Psychological Association.  Invited by the Section on Teaching.  Halifax, NS.

Cohen, A. J. (May 8-13, 2011). Ernst Strüngmann Forum: Language, Music and the Brain. Frankfurt, Germany. Chair (M. Arbib). Member of forum. “Film music and the unfolding of narrative” One of 16invited papers on which discussion was based of  the 40 experts invited to participate in the 1 week forum.

Cohen, A.J. (April 13, 2011).  Devising, funding and managing collaborative interdisciplinary research projects in the arts and humanities: The AIRS Project example. Dalhousie University Faculty of Social Sciences Annual Research Retreat.

Cohen, A. J. (Oct. 18, 2010).  A cognitive perspective on film music. Goldsmith’s College. Program in Music, Mind & Brain.  Eminent Speaker Series.  London, UK.

Cohen, A. J. (Oct. 15, 2010).  A cognitive perspective on the role of music in media. Department of  Information and Media Studies.,  University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Cohen, A. J. (Oct 13-14, 2010).  (Keynote). Empirical approaches to sound and music in audiovisual contexts, and respondent on 6 other presentations.   Workshop on: Empirical approaches to sound and music in audiovisual contexts. Kaløvig, Denmark.  Birger Langker, University of Copenhagen (Organizer).

Cohen, A. J. (Sept. 2010). Advancing interdisciplinary research on singing: Development, education and well-being. Ear Club, Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, California.

Cohen, A. J. (Feb. 2010).  Position paper on psychology of film music. Symposium on film music. University of Texas, Austin, Texas. - Feb. 14-17.

Cohen, A. J. (Nov. 2008).  The Role of Music in the Experience of Moving Images: A Cognitive Scientific Perspective. McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind. Hamilton, Ontario.

Cohen, A. J.  (Oct. 2008).  Invited panelist for The impact of research in arts education (chair L. O’Farrell).  Canadian Arts and Learning Symposium. Queen’s University, Faculty of Education, Kingston, Ontario, CAN.

Cohen, A. J. & Siau, Y-M. (Aug. 2008). The Narrative Role of Music in Multimedia Presentations: The Congruence-Association Model (CAM) of Music and Multimedia. Symposium on  Experiencing multimedia: Empirical Investigations of Cross-modal Perception and Cognition organized by S. Lipscomb for the 10th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Sapporo, Japan.

Cohen, A. J.  (July, 2008).  Advancing interdisciplinary research in singing through a shared digital repository.  For Symposium organized by A. J. Cohen & S. Ternström  “Interdisciplinary research on the science of  singing: A tribute to Johan Sundberg.  Joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the European Acoustical Society, Paris, France.

Cohen, A. J. (Aug, 2007). Congruence-Association Model (CAM) of film music perception: Developmental origins and implications. Invited by Scott Lipscomb (Organizer) of a symposium on Music in Multimedia: Theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical perspectives. Society for Music Perception and Cognition. Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, CAN. Abstract pp. 59-60 of Conference Proceedings.

 Cohen, A.J. (June, 2007).  CHIMES:  Children’s International Music Exchange System.  Presented at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Workshop on Singing. UBC, Vancouver, British Colombia.  

Cohen, A. J. (Aug., 2006).  Music influences absorption in film. Symposium on Film Music organized by R. Kendall & G. Hajda for the 9th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Bologna, Italy. Abstract published in ICMPC9 Proceedings (M. Baroni et al., Eds) p. 370

Cohen, A.J. (Oct., 2005). Panelist/Invited Consultant and Team Member  of the Thesaurus Project  (Lead, Rosemary Mountain, Chair Department of Music, Concordia University)  Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.

Cohen, A. J. (Oct. 2005). Psychology and Music: An Introduction. Canadian University College, Lacombe, Alberta.

Cohen, A. J. (June, 2005). Role of music on absorption in film: Direct and indirect measures.  Symposium on Film Perception organized by Joan Preston, Canadian Psychological Association, Montreal, Quebec.

Cohen, A. J. (Aug.. 2004).  Musical Communication: Limits and liberties.  Symposium organized by D. Miell, Eighth International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Northwestern University Campus, Evanston, Illinois.

Cohen, A. J. (Nov, 2003).  Arts-Netlantic: An example of cross-sectoral collaboration. Canadian Conference on the Arts, Halifax. (Co-presented with C. Moghrabi).

Cohen, A. J. (Nov. 14, 2003).  Interdisciplinary Institute for Culture, Multimedia, Technology, and Cognition, and Arts-Netlantic. Address to Deans of Arts and Science  of Atlantic Canada, U.P.E.I, Charlottetown, PEI.

Cohen, A. J. (Oct. 17, 2003).  The future of noise. Panelist (representing psychology). Annual Meeting of the Canadian Acoustical Association. Edmonton, Alberta.

Cohen, A. J. (July, 2003). The psychological functions of film music. Department of Psychology, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick.

Cohen, A. J. (July 9, 2003). UPEI’s Perspective on Content Management Initiatives: Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Culture, Multimedia, Technology, and Cognition. IBM/Marist College Seminar,  Marist College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and presentation (July 10) to the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York.

Cohen, A. J.  (June, 2002). Using the Internet for Inter-Institutional Research.  Holland College UPEI Symposium on Educational Technology. Charlottetown, PEI.

Cohen, A. J., & Drew, R. (Nov. 2000). Psychology and film music. Symposium on interdisciplinary perspectives on film music. Society for Music Perception and Cognition, (organizers: A. J. Cohen & C. Morton). Toronto.

Cohen, A. J. (June, 2000). Teaching psychology through music. Symposium address. Section on Teaching. Canadian Psychology Association. Ottawa.

Cohen, A. J. (April, 1999). Music and multimedia: An approach from cognitive psychology. Technical university of Eindhoven. Eindhoven, NE.

Cohen, A. J. (April, 1999). Experience and tonality induction. Expert Workshop on Tonality Induction. Bruges, Belgium (Organizers P. Vos & M. Leman).

Cohen, A. J. (Mar. 1999). Music as a vehicle in multimedia contexts. Special session on musical acoustics. Joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the European Acoustical Society, Berlin. (Organizers R. Kendall, S. McAdams).

Cohen, A. J. (Feb. 1999). Music and Multimedia: A cognitive approach. University of New Brunswick, Dept. of Psychology Colloquium Series.

Cohen, A. J. (Nov. 1998). Functions of music in multimedia. Information Technology Week. Charlottetown. PE.

Cohen, A. J. (Aug., 1998). Functions of Music in Multimedia. Invited plenary speaker. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Seoul, Korea.

Frankland, B. W. & Cohen, A. J. (June, 1998). Parsing of melodies is robust and predictable across two testing conditions. Canadian Society for Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science, Ottawa. (L. Cuddy, B. Thompson, organizers).

Cohen, A. J. (Oct., 1996). American Consumer Behavior Conference. Psychology of film music. Tucson, AZ. (Wanda Wallace organizer).

Cohen, A. J. (May, 1996). Music and the psychology of aging. Department of Psychology. Colloquium. Ohio State University, Newark Campus.

Cohen, A. J. (May, 1996). Psychology of film music. Invited address for Annual Honours Banquet,Ohio State University, Newark Campus.

Cohen, A. J. (October, 1995). Music and the psychology of aging. Keynote speaker, Annual Meeting Psychological Association of Prince Edward Island.



Cohen, A. J. (Sept., 1995). research in Hearing and Music Perception. Workshop leader for PEI Women Do Math & Science Conference. Colonel Grey High School. Charlottetown.

Cohen, A.J. (Nov., 1994). Brain function and auditory pattern perception. Department of Anatomy and Physiology Seminar. Atlantic Veterinary College. U.P.E.I.

Cohen, A. J. ( July, 1994). Invited discussant: Symposium on Music Development in Infancy. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Liege, Belgium.

Cohen, A. J. ( July, 1994). Invited paper: Symposium on Pitch Schemata (Chair, Ian Cross). International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Liege, Belgium.

Cohen, A. J. (June, 1993). Perception of tonality. research laboratory seminar of P. Johnson-Laird. Department of Psychology, Princeton University, Princeton. N. J.

Cohen, A. J. (May, 1993). Recent research in music perception. Dpmt. of Psychology, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PEI.

Cohen, A. J. (February, 1992). Recent research in music perception. Dpmt. of Psych., St. Francis Xavier Univ.Antigonish, N.S.

Cohen, A. J. (December, 1990). Recent psychological research on musical soundtracks: Meaning and memory. Department of Music, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Cohen, A.J. (November, 1990). Development of integration of audiovisual information in an emotional rating task. IWK Hospital Developmental Interest Group, Halifax.

Cohen, A.J. (November, 1990). Audiovisual integration in film perception. Department of Psychology, Colloquium Series, Acadia University, Wolfville.

Cohen, A.J. (April, 1989). Recent research on music perception: Elements of memory and meaning. Department of Psychology Colloquium, Northeastern University, Boston.

Cohen, A.J., & Frankland, B. (October, 1988). The interdependence of scale and serial order information in melodic perception. Organizer, L.L. Cuddy. Symposium on Music Perception. Canadian Acoustical Association Annual Meeting. Toronto.

Cohen, A.J. (December, 1987). The major triad: Meaning and memory across the lifespan. Dept. of Music, Dalhousie University, Halifax.

Cohen, A.J., & Trehub, S.E. (July, 1987). Infants' sensitivity to melodic variables: Contour, absolute and relative frequency. Symposium on music development. Organizer, T. Umemoto, IXth Biennial Meeting of the International Society of Studies of Behavioral Development, Tokyo.

Cohen, A. J. (January, 1985). Meaning and music. Erindale-McMaster Cognitive Seminar, Mississauga, Ontario. Cohen, A.J. (August, 1981). Exploring the sensitivity to structure in music. Symposium on Music Perception. Queen's University. Kingston, Ontario.

Foley, J. E. & Cohen, A. J. (March, 1981). Sex differences in the mental mapping of a megastructure. University College, London

Cohen, A. J. (June, 1978). Perception of musical structure. Human Performance Centre. University of Michigan. Anne Arbor.

Cohen, A. J. (April, 1978). Inferred sets of pitches. Symposium on the Cognitive Structure of Musical Pitch. R.N. Shepard Chair. Western Psychological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

Symposia Organized

Cohen, A. J. & Morton, C. (November 2000). Interdisciplinary perspectives on film music. {5 presentations representing aesthetic, cognitive, theoretical, ethnomusicological & feminist perspectives} Nov. [Meeting of 15 societies].

Cohen, A. J. (Feb. 2000). Music, multimedia, and mind. U.P.E.I.

Cohen, A. J. (organizer--with the help of Dean Philip Smith) March, 1998. Interdisciplinary meeting on music across the UPEI campus [4 presentations from 4 departments in the Arts Faculty]

Cohen, A. J. (Oct., 1996). Canadian Acoustical Association. Music perception. Session 1: Calgary researchers. Session 2. UPEI students. Calgary.

Cohen, A. J. (1988). Recent developments in music cognition: Processing of internal and external relations. Canadian Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Halifax. Canadian Psychologist, 30, 343.

Cohen, A. J., & Cuddy, L. L. (1985). Session on Musical Acoustics, Music Perception and Computer Applications Canadian Acoustical Association, Ottawa.

Cohen, A. J. and Trehub, S. E. (Organizers & Chair) (1985). Development of Musical Behaviors in Children. Society for research in Child Development. Biennial Conference, Toronto.

Cohen, A.J. (Spring, 1983). Acoustic images of the environment. Symposium on Acoustical considerations in environmental design. Environmental Design research Association (EDRA14), Nebraska.

Cohen, A. J. (May, 1981). [First] Symposium on Musical Cognition. Acoustical Society of America, Annual Meeting, Ottawa.

Community Acoustics

Cohen, A. J. , Hughes, M.L., Woods, B., Fleming, R. & MacSwain, V. (1998). Island Acoustics Society. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Acoustical Association. Ottawa.

Cohen, A.J. (June, 1987). An audiovisual presentation of acoustics in Canada (double-projector slide and sound track). Environmental Design research Association. Ottawa. In J. Harvey (Ed.) EDRA 18 Proceedings: Public Environments. p. 334.

Cohen, A.J. (October, 1985). Chair, Membership Committee Project. Audiovisual overview of Canadian Acoustics. Canadian Acoustical Association, Ottawa.

Cohen, A.J. (Spring, 1983). Symposium organizer. Acoustic images of the environment. Symposium on Acoustical considerations in environmental design. Environmental Design research Association (EDRA14), Nebraska